The two which have been in the news and many are keenly interested in:

The separate cycle lane over the Waikanae River.  It seems that a clip-on to the side of the road bridge (we assume the west side) to carry this is what is now intended.   The NZTA guy said it won’t be cheap, however, about $800,000 and an issue for them is their ability to pay for it as the general roading budget has been reduced by the present government.  However, it seems that the government is also as keen as the last government on Politically Correct cycle lanes, so that may be the deciding factor that means Ratepayers won’t be footing the bill.

The Second Crossing of the Railway Line.  John Osborne was forthright in telling Sean Mallon of the council that the planned emergency crossing was a waste of money and they should be getting on with this announcement in the Long Term Plan right now:


In the absence of anything being done about an underpass for Elizabeth Street, it certainly needs to happen — and it would make the emergency crossing through Goodman’s yard unnecessary.  Whether they will heed this, remains to be seen.

Waikanae East Link Road

This extract from Google Maps shows what is meant by the Link Road — a connection from the north end of Huia Street to the south end of Octavius Road at Peka Peka, a distance of about 600 metres (marked by us in violet).  Traffic could then cross the level crossing at Hadfield Road, turn south at Octavius Road and continue on the east side of the railway line into Waikanae.