As reported last June, Kerry Bolton received a visitation that month from the boys in blue alleging that he mentioned the name of Dougherty’s Ms Accomplice on Newstalk ZB the day following the Cr David Scott case, and arrested him for doing so, being an offence under Section 211 of the Criminal Procedure Act.

At the first hearing he pleaded Not Guilty, but changed it to Guilty as he didn’t want to give Ms Accomplice an opportunity for further ‘Hollywood’ style grandstanding in her vendetta against David Scott; also, of course, he could not deny that he had mentioned Ms Accomplice’s name to Heather du Plessis Allan on the show.

Additionally, on legal advice, it seems that more could be explained in court in regard to the mitigating circumstances by pleading Guilty and asking for a discharge without conviction, than the rules of evidence provide for when one pleads Not Guilty.

Curiously, however, no charge was laid against du Plessis Allan and/or the radio station’s producer who were actually responsible for Ms Accomplice’s name being broadcast, by virtue of the 8 to 15 seconds delay and the censor button at their disposal which they didn’t use.

Kerry Bolton also tells us: [the police have now responded to requests to deal with this separate matter]