So it says on the below info sheet issued by the council.  Like most trees they look nice, but these are problematic.

The weedbusters site considers the Phoenix palm a weed, and this article on the stuff website states:

Phoenix palm trees with their poisonous stabbing frond spikes are taking a heavy toll on Kiwis.

A search of ACC claim form records for possible phoenix palm spike injuries revealed 644 claims at a cost of $193,029 in 2016. That’s up from 577 claims in 2015 and 622 claims in 2014.

The overall picture is a steady stream of injuries bad enough to need medical attention. Many more injuries must go unreported.

The spikes at the base of the crown of foliage are the problem. They are super sharp and slice into the body effortlessly.

The info sheet does not specify what the replacements will be.

And as usual, we are startled with the amounts the KCDC quotes for cost: $10,000 for the removal.  In contrast, about 4 years ago we arranged the removal of two huge pine trees for people in Wellington for $2,500.