The global issue of the ownership and distribution of natural resources is raised in a modern art exhibition.

Local environmental jeweler JoAnna Mere questions the values we place upon water and challenges us to consider anew our role as kaitiaki, earth stewards. In “Currency – Wai Taonga”, Mere presents an evocative range of upcycled metalscapes. 

From handheld golden ingots through to wall-sized, watermarked ‘banknotes’, the artist has used light refraction to represent air and water in dynamic scenes of skyscapes, waterfalls, streams, lagoons, mountain lochs, sea and snowscapes.  Hand carved, painted and drawn on various metals (including silver, brass, steel, copper and iron), the artworks review water as a priceless commodity.

‘CURRENCY – WAI TAONGA’.  A stunning collection of metalscapes exploring the values we place upon water: Saturday 8 December 2018 — Saturday 6 January 2019 at Tutere Gallery, 48 Tutere Street, Waikanae. Artist working onsite. The gallery is open 10 am– 3 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and by appointment.