an entrance rainbow, with a couple of visitors from Denmark
real and arty lancewood trees
lilies maybe
flowers on bushes
lamps and balls
blue fairy mushrooms
translucent panels
pictograms (?) and a young rimu tree
white poppies
globules and a waterfall
waterfall on the rocks
water lilies (?)
a taniwha (?) lurking in the grass

Those travelling north near Taupo over the holidays will find these appealing garden ornaments at Lava Glass on State Highway 5 near the intersection with the Expressway. They aren’t for sale (interior ornaments are), and would probably be expensive if they were. We asked if they suffer from the elements, but they don’t seem to; most have been there for 3-4 years.

For those wanting to experience giant size glass sculptures like these, the place to go is the Dale Chihuly exhibition center in Seattle; Chihuly must be the world’s most famous glass sculpturist