A man shovels heavy snow in Istanbul, Turkey, a few days ago and this is the case in many parts of Europe. Global warming?

This is written by climate change debate researcher John Rofe. Those who don’t like its bias can also read the Wikipedia webpage, which is inclined the other way, however, that also acknowledges that the present amount of carbon dioxide currently only constitutes about 0.041% by volume of the atmosphere, and that is still way below the 0.2% at which air quality will suffer.

Obviously, air pollution as such is not a good thing and the less there is of it the better, but this is to do with the specific arguments about C02 and misinformation by the global warming theorists.


“I suppose pictures of polar bears on small pieces of pack ice are just part of the IPCC’s and your disinformation programme. The same disinformation shows factory chimneys with water vapour billowing out which is represented as being CO2, whilst the content of the emissions, whether clean or polluted, remains unknown. This is a level of deceit your government should be railing against and not condoning or promoting. The cherry-picking of data for inclusion in graphs must surely be a source of deceit of which you are already aware? Your ministry’s advisers contribute to it, don’t they? 

“Coral reefs in the warmer Papua New Guinea waters are thriving despite allegations that the warming waters of the cooler Great Barrier Reef are killing the same species of corals off.  In fact, the death and rejuvenation of Great Barrier Reef corals have always been part of the natural cycle.[…] 

“We are all carbon-based life forms.  We humans breathe in air (we are told) with 410 ppm of CO2 and we use much of the oxygen that we inhale for our cardiovascular systems, eventually breathing out ‘stale air’ (due to 20% of the inhaled oxygen component having been carbonated) that contains only about 16% oxygen but about 41,000 ppm of CO2.

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