Two Indian girls perform a cultural dance in Mahara Place last September (see the post of 4 September). Obviously, this was before the removal of the Phoenix palms.

An extract from the “Matters under action” pdf for the WCB meeting next Tuesday reads:

Upgrade to Mahara Place: Construction work for the improvements to Mahara Place starts on Monday, 28 January and is due for completion in August 2019. Work is generally happening between 7am- 5pm weekdays and we will notify everyone if we need to work extra nights and weekends. The work is planned to help make Mahara Place the heart of the town centre and involves creating a plaza, with reading gardens, seating, and more places to socialise. We have been working alongside Mahara Place businesses to let them know what’s happening and we will be meeting with them weekly to discuss any issues and how we can sort these out. These meetings are being held jointly by the Council project team and our contractor Brian Perry Civil. We will also be emailing regular updates and making sure we keep the communication channels open.

First stage The first stage of work will see us form an entranceway into the site between the Library and Gallery which includes removing the Library side steps and forming a ramp so we can get our construction plant and materials onto site. During the first couple of weeks we will be removing existing pavers and prepping the ground for concreting outside the shops to the east of Mahara Place. We will also be setting up a fenced-off area in the middle of Mahara Place and removing the synthetic grass to form an area for our equipment and materials. Pedestrian management will be in place to ensure the safety of those entering Mahara Place.