An extract from last November’s WCB Meeting minutes states:

Traffic Engineer, Gary Adams provided the Board with an update about the upcoming minor improvement works at the Te Moana Road/Rauparaha Street intersection. The crash history, one of which was serious and the numerous near misses had highlighted for Council the need to address safety issues at this intersection. Additionally, a change in travel patterns based on the Expressway interchange had been a contributing factor. The Board strongly urged Council to engage with local community groups i.e. Waikanae Beach Residents Society and other local residents before any changes are implemented, as these are more than minor and will affect the entrance to Waikanae Beach. The Board looked forward to receiving the community engagement feedback in the New Year.

It can only be assumed that the problems have resulted from cars travelling east from the western part of Te Moana Road into the main section of it and (nearly) colliding with those turning northwest into Rauparaha Street. As can be seen from the photo, the intersection treats Rauparaha Street as the main road and the straight continuation of the main section of Te Moana Road to the beach as the minor road. Our feeling from having passed through it many times is that amount of traffic on both is about equal.

Those travelling east from the lower part of Te Moana Road into the Main Section are governed by a stop sign, while those travelling west are asked with a sign to “please indicate”.

The answer may just be to make this sign bigger and more forceful by putting a red band around it which makes a sign compulsory rather than a request.

The need to do something must result from increased traffic from visitors to the beach zone as well as from Peka Peka people travelling north from Wellington using the ‘Ewy’ offramp at Te Moana Road and then along the coast road as they can’t turn into Peka Peka Road from the ‘Ewy’.