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First, a bit about me

I am a 52-year-old married mum of two teenage boys.  I have exercised on and off since my teenage years, especially jogging.  I found exercise has always been my “go to thing” if I had any spare time.

Exercising from a young age has helped me in many ways especially as an older mum.  Having the ability to take part in many physical activities with my young sons, who didn’t see age and expected you to just join in, but I do draw the line now at trying to keep up with two teenage boys!

Being an at-home mum had many treasured enjoyable times but, of course, like all things, had its challenges.  To combat those times, I would go out for a run in the fresh air, the endorphins (feel-good hormones) would kick in leaving me ready to take on the more mundane duties of the day ahead.

Adapting exercise to suit your lifestyle

As I have aged, incorporating and adapting exercise has become part of my lifestyle. Benefits are huge and noticeable in everyday activities like carrying heavy shopping bags from the car into the house become easier. Most people have their own daily challenges, not only physically but emotional too.  This is where I feel exercise can help in people’s lives, giving them the tools to face their daily obstacles and challenges.

Therefore, I wish to share my experiences with older women so they may tap into of my lifelong learning and recent training.

Imbase – improving fitness

I obtained the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise to allow me to operate as a Personal Trainer and Mentor and chose the name imbase for my business name as it is an acronym of increased mobility, balance, agility, strength and energy.

Imbase encapsulates the main areas of our physical fitness that start to decline as we age and affect the quality of our lives, but the good news is, we can work and improve on these areas substantially along with our general wellbeing.

Getting started

You have a choice to come to my home or I can come to you.  To get you started we shall

  • arrange a meet and greet
  • discuss your goals
  • complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and a Pre-Exercise Screening form.

I shall then carry out a series of tests including flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, static balance, mobility and cardiovascular.

To show my commitment to you, so that you may have a medical check-up, if need be, this consultation shall be free of charge as a gift for you.

The second session

At the second session you shall be given the test results and a prescribed exercise programme based on the test results, your individual needs, abilities and goals. As everyone is different the programme shall be personalised to you.

The exercise programme will comprise–

  • a warm up of gentle dynamic stretches
  • body weight exercises, appropriate to you
  • a cool down of gentle static stretches.

I will show you how to perform the exercises in a safe and beneficial manner.  The programme will be well planned and changed as you progress, and varied to make it more intense and can include resistance bands or weights, it’s entirely up to you.

This shall all be carried out in a quiet, safe, private, relaxed setting near the beach. It’s never too late to start exercising and regain what you once had!


Supress the ageing process through Increased Mobility, Balance, Agility, Strength and Energy using a sustainable personalised exercise programme and adopting balanced nutrition for life.

Amber Ramoo, Personal Trainer

021 1072353

Although this reads like an advertorial, the subject and the encouragement to partake in activities justifies this exception to our normal non-commercial stance. –Eds