It is known that Police have already begun visiting people to do this, despite the fact that the amnesty on the newly banned rifles lasts until 30 September.  Why?

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Search & Seizure — What You Should Know

Under the Search & Surveillance Act 2012 Police may search you, your home or vehicle, without a warrant, using force if necessary and seize any firearms and firearm licence that they find. They must have reasonable cause to suspect that you have firearms and are in breach of the Arms Act 1983, or due to your physical or mental state are unable to exercise proper control of your firearms, or may kill or injure any person, or a protection order has or may be taken out against you for domestic violence.

Note in normal circumstances Police will gain access by force at a time of their choosing (usually at dawn) in order to reduce the risk to themselves.

If this unlikely event should happen to you, with or without a search warrant, then do the following:

  1. If detained (under an Act of Parliament that you are informed of at the time) give them your name, address and date of birth [Police Act 1908].
  1. Inspect and keep hold of a copy of any search warrant that is served on you.
  2. Record the name of the “OC” (officer in charge), their station and contact details. Record QID’s (collar) numbers of Police staff attending search.
  1. Be calm and polite, but firm about (7), (8) and (9) below.
  2. If requested to do so, open any firearms safes for Police inspection.
  3. Show Police any licence you must carry, such as your firearms licence [Arms Act 1983].
  4. Say “I do not wish to make any statements or answer any questions”. Do not under any circumstances be tempted, convinced, threatened or coerced to vary from this stance by any promises or statements made by the Police.
  5. If the Police try to ask any questions except for (1) above, say “No comment, thank you”.
  6. Say “I wish to speak to my lawyer, without delay and in private please”.
  7. Text “SSS” for Search Search Search with your name and contact number 021 362 123 and Barrister, Nicholas Taylor will contact you as soon as possible, and/or telephone him on 021 362 123.

Routine Firearms Security Check

In the case of any routine firearms security check by Police you have the right to defer it to a time of your choosing; you may also refuse the taking of data on sporting firearms (A Category) and photographs.

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