Deer fawn death

Deer death 2

by Carol Sawyer

Shame on you NZ Deerstalkers Association!

In the coming year NZDA can expect to be consulted by DoC and OSPRI in regard to poisoning operations which are going to take place regardless of vociferous opposition. NZDA’s position is that hunters are stakeholders who need to see the science behind the decision to lay poison and hunters need to have a voice in requiring operations to be conducted in a way that reduces the impact on our game animals.” –-Trevor Chappell, National President, NZDA

(In a letter sent to all NZDA members renewing membership for the 2019/20 year.)

Fundamental understandings

  • 1080 poison isn’t LAID! It is flung from helicopters at height, bouncing down the gullies into the streams and rivers, which do not have to be avoided now anyway.. unlike times past.
  • The “science” is non-existent and you, of all people, by spending time in the forests, should know perfectly well what happens after a poison drop and have experienced the deathly silence that follows.
  • 1080 poison is, as you also know perfectly well, one of the cruellest poisons on Earth, so by saying you ” need to see the science” behind the poison, what kind of people are you ?! Deer take two to three days, or longer, to die, and it is an agonising death.
  • We have just been told by OSPRI that 92% of the deer were killed by 1080 poison in an operation on Molesworth Station, and up to 95% of the deer in Timaru Creek, even though the target animal was supposedly the possum. We were told deer repellent on a portion of Timaru Creek meant “only” 50 to 62% deer mortality.

Acceptable to NZ deerstalkers?

That’s acceptable to you lot is it ? Deer repellent so that ONLY 60% of the deer dying in agony, and to hell with everything else in the forest too… birds, insects, pigs, goats, tahr.

Look at these photos (all of deer killed by 1080, and repeat your comment that hunters “need to see the science behind the decision to lay poison” Mr. Chappell.
Ugh !

Your slogan is :

‘New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association Inc
Protecting Hunters’ Rights in New Zealand Since 1937′

A pity you can’t also think about an animal’s right to be killed humanely!