“Let’s discuss this #10yearchallenge taking over social media. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s essentially a call for people to share a photo of themselves ten years ago—in 2009—next to one from 2019. Our major takeaway: Seeing that celebrities have nary a new wrinkle despite a decade having passed is shame-spiral-inducing. However, we are very much on board with comparing popular paint colors from 2009 and 2019. Maybe this isn’t what the #10yearchallenge was meant for, but you know we love a good twist on the status quo. Which colors did we think were forever back in ’09 but quickly forgot about? Which shades managed to stay in our hearts for the long haul?”

“We asked Benjamin Moore to pull the numbers for us so we could find out. Below are the company’s best-selling paint colors in 2009 versus 2019, organized into five buckets: white, neutral (e.g. grays and taupes), blue, green, pink/red, and orange/yellow.”

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