Waikanae people have the Park Avenue Market every Saturday morning, but for those interested in trying the one south of the river for a change, here is some information about a location change.

Paraparaumu Beach Market is a Saturday morning tradition for Kapiti, attracting people from far and wide to sample our local produce, crafts and arts, and get a taste of what we’ve got to offer. –Darryn Grant, KCDC Economic Development Manager. 

A great institution

By Roger Childs

2019-08-10 13.01.22Farmers Markets are a regular feature in many countries and they serve both a commercial social function. A great range of vegetable and fruit are on offer and the suppliers often exhibit amazing mental agility in tallying up the cost of your many items. But you can also buy bread, coffee, snacks, jewelry, crafts, art work etc…

As well as the leisurely food and gift shopping there is always the chance you will meet up with friends and neighbours, and occasionally someone you haven’t seen for ages. 

The need for a permanent home

2019-08-10 13.04.50The Beach market is currently located between Seaview Road and Marine Parade north of Maclean Street. However, this area is destined to be re-developed and the search has been on for some time to find a new site for the Saturday morning buying and selling. 

A possible venue suggested some years ago was in The Landing near Mitre 10, New World and other shops, where there is plenty of space available. However, the local Paraparaumu Beach Business Association didn’t want to lose it, because of the visitors it attracts and the flow-on benefits it has for local shops, cafés and service providers.

The move to Maclean Street

Market operators, Warwick Halcrow and Kevin Jones, have been working with the Kapiti Coast District Council and the Beach Business Association to keep the institution in the area. The solution is to use Maclean Street – the main shopping zone — and close it for parking while the Market is operating between 5 am and 3 pm.

Basically, the stall holders would be able to set up their businesses where the car parks are currently located, allowing people to access the permanent shops and cafes along the footpaths and the Market stalls along the road.

“Ensuring the Market continues to operate is not just about us though, and it’s not just about buying and selling things. We often call it our community centre without walls. We’ve built a wonderful venue for people to come together and that’s a very special thing,” says Warwick Halcrow.

The local Business Association is delighted. Spokesperson Sharon Hunter says, “Moving to Maclean Street is a big win-win for everyone. We see a significant increase in visitors to the Paraparaumu Beach township each Saturday because of the Market and making it even easier for those visitors to access and enjoy our shops and amenities is great news for our local business community.” 

Approval and timing

Subject to relevant approvals, the Market will relocate to Maclean Street from Saturday 5 October 2019.

Any person affected by the closure may lay a formal objection with the Kāpiti Coast District Council no later than 28 days before the proposed closure. This means formal objections must be received by 6 September.  Objections can be made directly to the Council.