My lord, I have a cunning plan. —Baldrick to Lord Blackadder

Have objectives and stick to them

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople who take their sport seriously have training schedules. Often it is a weekly program which will include some flexibility to vary the pattern if need be.

If you are just getting underway with an exercise regime, setting goals is essential to making the fitness program work and become a regular part of your life. 

Unlike those who have been training and performing for years, people new to regular exercise should be looking at progressively expanding their schedule and increasing their commitment.

Start conservatively then set targets

As mentioned in our first article, the first outings should be very easy. 

Probably the hardest part of getting going is actually “turning up or out” for the exercise! However, once you’ve walked/jogged/cycled/swum the first time, what follows is plain sailing. Getting underway should give you the motivation to keep going!

One of the best ways to make sure you are “getting out”, is to go with someone else. If you are meeting a friend(s) at 8.00 am on a particular corner, you’ll be there!

With the first week of your fitness regime under your belt, think about possible goals. These could be to —

  • build up your “training” to a particular level by a certain time
  • train for a particular event
  • be fit enough to join a local walking/jogging/cycling/swimming group
  • establish a regular weekly regime by the beginning of September, whatever
  • lose a certain amount of weight
  • be ready to join a gym by ________

Having more than one is fine.

Keep an exercise diary so you can realistically plan ahead and later look back on what you have achieved. It can definitely be flexible it you need to work around appointments, café meetings, the weather, whatever. However, aim to do what you have set down for the week.

Parkrun for joggers and walkers

Parkrun 1In the Kapiti area the 5 km Parkrun is from Otaihanga Domain every Saturday at 8.00 am — same place, same time, every time. It’s a great idea to ensure your exercise becomes regular. 

(More on Parkrun in the next article in the series)

However, if you would rather focus on biking or swimming or both, the bottom line is having a regular schedule.