Dale Evans 2

Dale at a café on 4 July. (supplied)

With the council election campaign now underway, we had lunch with Dale Evans to get his take on the state of affairs in local politics.

Dale, born in 1947, was at one point on the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board, but is best known for his visual protests against the council, the most publicized of which was when he showed up to a council meeting in 2008 wearing a KKK outfit followed by his removing the hood to reveal his face blackened. This was done to object to “hoody day” promoted by then mayor Jenny Rowan with posters of her wearing one. Dale contended, as most would, that hoodies are worn to obstruct views of faces for dubious reasons and are a no-no when driving a car.  It worked, as the promotion was abandoned. Another protest over the airport runway extension in Wellington saw him putting an airplane on a car and having it towed around Wellington.

In Kapiti, taunting Jenny Rowan, followed by Mayor Church, was regularly done — including by billboards and banners with satirical slogans, the most memorable of which, in reference to Jenny Rowan, was “Kapiti needs a dam, not a dike.”

He says he was a friend of Mayor Guru, but isn’t now; a consequence of Guru not keeping his election promises.

Dale also paid for a weekly advertisement in the Kapiti News entitled “Dale’s Caring Column” listing what he considered to be bad decisions by councilors and encouraging people not for vote for the councilors who made them.  But the present Kapiti News editor, David Haxton, declined its continuation this last triennium. Dale took it to the Media Council, but it sided with David Haxton: a newspaper is deemed to be a private business and not a public utility, even if it is distributed free.

He was also responsible for the visual protest against the bizarre Political Correctness culture that the KCDC has when in 2017 he placed female mannequins on the street outside the Council HQ carrying satirical statements around their necks.  It prompted a reaction inside: a purple-haired woman came out and screamed at him, followed by Mayor Guru’s PA, Sue George who told that person to be quiet and go back inside.  David Scott also came out and told Dale to take his mannequins away as they weren’t helpful to him.  Nevertheless, the then council boss Dougherty and Ms Accomplice seized upon them to falsely accuse David Scott of being responsible. The falsehood was recently repeated by a certain local Stuff reporter.

Dale is a descendant of the Evans Drapers of Wellington on his father’s side and Prestons liquor on his mother’s side: she owned the Grand Hotel on Willis Street along with her younger sister and brother, this was one of the many Wellington buildings that was demolished in the 1980s.  He grew up in Eastbourne, but has lived in Paraparaumu Beach for many years. A childhood accident which affected his jaw was later substantially rectified by using parts of two ribs to replace parts of the jawbone. Like many seniors, he also doesn’t walk very well. He’s softly spoken; although says when he has talked about issues in council around the table they have told him he either talks too loudly or too softly. He believes in Karma; he likes to help those who need it.

So, his thoughts of the present council?  Not surprisingly, his opinion is a poor one: they are not interested in being accountable and the majority including Guru are basically there to massage their own egos.  He thinks all sitting councilors should be replaced by fresh blood.

He’s regularly submitted Official Information requests to the council about various matters and promises to share them with both us and Nigel Wilson of KC News.