Iride A McCloyIride McCloy, council candidate for the Waikanae ward, says Kapiti residents are once again being used to reduce budget deficits. “As a Waikanae resident I am appalled at the neglect by council that Waikanae is continuing to experience.”

“Our present Mayor and councillors have spent considerable amounts on other localities on the Kapiti Coast, but Waikanae has largely been omitted.”

The Waikanae Library is the prime amenity of our Town Centre. “But it was not considered worthy of fixing, a completely erroneous attitude.”

“Adding insult to injury is the reduction of funds for library books which for many folks, particularly the elderly, are their back-bone to relaxation, learning, and sharing of information. The library is also a meeting place. All this shows that the present council has no heart for the welfare of the Kapiti community.”

She says the stance taken by KCDC on housing is another big indicator of a Council that has not connected to needs of the community, and its health and well-being. It also concerns her that this Council is pushing through important matters a few months prior to a new council being formed.

She asks, “Whose agenda is being used in these instances?”