Simon Bridges

It is unlikely National will support the next stage in the Government’s proposed gun law changes, party leader Simon Bridges says.

The second tranche of gun reforms were announced last month, with a gun register to be created, gun licence length dropping from 10 years to five and police being given additional power.

National supported the first tranche, but Mr Bridges told TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning that since then “the buyback’s scheme has been a fiasco”.

“They haven’t put fair market value on the guns and so a small number of thousands have been handed in and there’s hundreds of thousands there,” he said. “That hasn’t worked.”

We’re very reluctant and I think unlikely to support the next law changes, simply put, because if you look at what the Government’s doing they haven’t heeded our warnings,” Mr Bridges said.

“They’re going after law abiding gun owners, they’re not going after – actually, I’ll say it this way – the baddies, the criminals, the gangs and the extremists.”

Mr Bridges said there was “a bunch of things” the Government could be doing to tackle the issue properly.

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