Ngaatiawa Uri WAI 1018

Ngātiawa Iwi Uri (bloodline) claimants of Mihikitera Karapu, Grandmother of Witi Rangitaake a,k.a. Wiremu Kingi, Hinirawa Karapu, grandmother of Pirikawau Karapu, Kahutatara Pukerangiora, Eruini Te Tupe o Tu, and Eruini Te Marau Uri — WAI 1018.  

A submission has been sent to Hon. Andrew Little, Hon. Nanaia Mahuta, MP’s Rino Tirikatene, Marama Davidson, and Jan Logie and a copy was also sent to King Tūheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero via Rahui Papa Kingitanga Movement on 20 August 2019 to enter into “Direct Negotiations” with the Government.

This submission has total support from Wai 1018 tane, wanau and hapu; it is signed by 20 wahine from the ages of 90 to 18 years of age covering five generations.  The Treaty of Waitangi was signed by rangatira and nine Ngātiawa wahine as equals with tane in 1840. Wai 1018 has been driven by wahine since it was filed in 2002.  We have not asked for cash in our submission.  We have other ethical priorities to address first. One issue is the theft of wakapapa that belongs to Ngātiawa Tamati/Thomas-Pirikawau Wanau only 175 years ago, by Governor Grey.  

WAI 1018 Ngātiawa Uri accept the Waitangi Tribunal WAI 2200, Crown Law Office and the Parata-Baker Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai/Kapiti Charitable Trust and Marae decision who revelled breaching the Treaty of Waitangi Article 1,2,3, NZ Bill of Rights Act and UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) to subjugate Wai 1018 claimants.  The only two people who did look perturbed at the Waitangi Tribunal table were historians Dr Grant Phillipson and Tania Simpson.  Tania was honoured by King Tuheitia in his 2019 coronation speech.

The Members of Parliament have the option of throwing $670,000+ of Waitangi Tribunal Legal Aid paid to WAI 1018 only claimants on the Kapiti Coast in the trash can.   WAI 1018 no longer retains a Waitangi Tribunal approved barrister.   We see no point being in the WAI 2200 Porirua-Manawatū Tribunal system, after what occurred on 10-12 June 2019 at hearings.   We have been asked by Legal Aid to retain another barrister, WAI 1018 declined the invitation.  

The Crown can save money and sit at the table with WAI 1018 claimants, where our negotiations barrister’s fees will get deducted from a future cash settlement.  The government has the estimated numbers of our Wanau [whanau] and eight Hapu.  Treaty claims are not just about dollars, they are about correcting unethical practices, false history and land theft perpetuated by the Crown and their mandated organisations.  

The historical reports for Crown Forest Rental Trust, Waitangi Tribunal and Parata Whakarongotai Marae claimants on the Kapiti Coast were written by a Ngati Toa descendant Historian.   The historical fact is that no Ngati Toa Rangatira signed the Treaty in 1840 for Ngātiawa.   The mandated iwi made their decision to maintain the 175 years of subjugation of Ngātiawa Rangatira who signed the 1840 Treaty and their mokopuna.  The Crown does not have the same privilege nationally or internationally. 

Lead negotiator appointed for Ngātiawa Wai 1018 — Marama (Rhonda) Tamati/Mullen Martin, International Indigenous Human Rights Advocate — recently took a sabbatical from being the Chairperson of International Indigenous Human Rights spokesperson for the last 6 years on health and all socio-economic issues in 12 countries with goverment officials, some indigenous, some not and indigenous community groups.  Marama has worked in Tirau, as an advisor at the United Nations Office in Geneva, the United Nations in New York, Ottawa and Toronto. Marama has spent a week every month for 6 years in NY, Ottawa, Toronto or Geneva, meeting with all representatives, funded by the Canadian Government and UN.  We have had to learn to communicate in Spanish for Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Rapanui and understand people from Ukraine, and French France/French Quebec.

The Working Negotiations Team is composed of six — Union Negotiator, Environmental Specialist, Engineer, Educational Training Practitioners, and Business Planning professionals who are all currently employed elsewhere.   Consultants with technical expertise in various areas will be hired to support Wai 1018 negotiations.

Hau Hau Pai Mārire

Ngātiawa Iwi Uri ki Kapiti WAI 1018 claimants