Kapiti Library 1 (1)By Christopher Ruthe and Roger Childs

ROBB (Restore Our Book Budget), is catching the Robbers. The evidence? At a candidates meeting in Waikanae on Wednesday, Mayor Gurunathan said he would restore the budget while Cr Jackie Elliott said she would restore the budget. The other mayoral candidates (not councilors) took a similar line.

In respect to Elliott and Gurunathan, most people are likely to take their change of heart as mere political grandstanding and if returned to power they will find some excuse to backtrack. 

Remember that they both voted to cut the budget and that Cr Elliott even went as far as to justify the slash and burn with a very weak defence (see here).

A majority want the book budget reinstated

We now have the situation where the majority of candidates are supporting reinstatement. It is amazing how quickly ROBB has been able to have such success so early. Mayoral candidate Gwynn Compton has been the strongest supporter of the ROBB position and deserves support in the upcoming election.

However, there is still a way to go. The ROBB leaflets are sure to cause a stir. “Thieves” do not like being exposed. Keep up the excellent work, robbery inspectors!

Voters throughout the Kapiti District need to be aware that the entire existing Council approved the 47% cut in the Kapiti Libraries book budget without public discussion or consultation. Can any of those seeking re-election be trusted to change their tune?