Argentine antsWith spring arrived, ants are about to start infesting homes and gardens as they emerge from hibernation says Trevor Daniell, President of Raumati South Resident’s Association.

“The weekend of 19 & 20 October is an ant baiting weekend. Locals should start talking with their neighbours and planning group baiting of their properties during this weekend and into the future. The more people who bait together, the more it is effective controlling ants.”

The ant population can be controlled as Geoff Rayner of Raumati South has found out. Two and a half years ago, Geoff’s property was so heavily infested with Argentine Ants that he had to abandon his beehives and chickens. But now he and his immediate neighbours in Dell Rd are virtually ant free, and he has new hens and bees, which are thriving.

‘I used the Vanquish-Pro bait being recommended by the local Resident’s Association’ says Geoff. ‘It may seem expensive, but I have only used two cartridges in the last two and a half years and that includes baiting round my house and the houses and boundaries of both my neighbours. I store the leftover bait in my fridge, tightly sealed, and use this whenever I see ant movement; at any time of the year. They will return over time, but always in smaller and smaller numbers’.

Trevor says, “Vanquish-Pro is available on line from for $70. Courier is free for two or more cartridges so talk to your neighbours. Alternatively go to Facebook @kapiticoastants and join the Raumati South Ant Management Group for general information about ant baiting as well as instructions on how to make up your own borax based bait stations. Borax baits are also available ready made from The Shed Project in Tongariro St, Paraparaumu: $12 for a carton of 36.”

The Raumati South Resident’s Association is currently trialing a new bait which has been used successfully to knock back the Argentine ant in Gisborne. Hopefully this will be available next year.