from the BFD. Stuff is another media organisation that disguises political activism as journalism, but at least it’s not funded by the taxpayer, unlike Radio NZ.   Unlike Radio NZ, Stuff undoubtedly thinks that being biased, provocative and controversial attracts readers and thus advertisers — and they’re right, but only to a certain extent.  The balancing point comes when reasonable people get fed up with their distortions and shallowness and and they lose more readers than they gain.


What Stuff is doing is classic gas lighting. Implying that people are mentally ill for disagreeing with them. Unpleasant narcissistic behaviour. They are a disgrace as a Newspaper [publisher].

After reading SonovaMin and Phil View’s comments yesterday in General debate I just had to check out the offending Stuff article for myself. Just how bad was it?

I was amused to see Stuff’s choice of photo to depict us “Climate deniers.” Apparently questioning man-made climate change means that we are ignoring the scientific consensus. (You know, the one that doesn’t actually exist – but I digress).

People are more likely to deny climate change if they’re inclined toward hierarchy, have lower levels of education or are more religious. But the strongest predictor of denial is a person’s politics.

In this opening salvo, they are attacking a straw man. So-called “Climate deniers” do not deny that the climate changes. They believe that Climate change is a completely normal and natural phenomenon. What they question is mankind’s ability to influence or change it in any meaningful way.

So the premise of their argument is completely meaningless even before they insult us by claiming that we should do as we are told, are stupid and believe in a sky fairy.

Why do people still think climate change isn’t real?

At its heart, climate change denial is a conflict between facts and values. People deny the climate crisis because, to them, it just feels wrong.

[…] It could be that the idea of climate change is a threat to our worldview. Or it could be that we fear society’s response to climate change, the disruption created by the transition to a low-emissions economy. Either way, climate change becomes such an “inconvenient truth” that, instead of living with and acting upon our worries, we suppress the truth instead. 

The writer is actually describing their own belief system not ours. Stuff has publicly stated that they refuse to publish any facts that do not match their world view and values. They believe that only facts that support their values/belief system should be allowed airtime. All other facts are to be suppressed because it feels wrong to publish facts that don’t fit their values. They are the ones with the closed mind and the religious fervour for pushing only one point of view.

The writer then goes on quite disgracefully to suggest that “Climate Deniers” are mentally ill as they are “negating reality.”

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