KCDC website

Those who have visited it in the last week or so will have noticed this, but suggestions and feedback for more improvements is invited. Several people during the last triennium urged that the website be made more user-friendly.

There are a lot of documents and other information that the council is legally required to make publicly available and these include full council, council committee and community board meeting agendas/documents and minutes.

The agenda for the first Waikanae Community Board meeting of the new triennium next Tuesday evening is here.  Most of it consists of procedural matters which for a lot of the public is probably unexciting.  But be assured there is a wish list which members want to achieve within the next 3 years, and we will be working on it! As Iride said during the campaign, Waikanae has been just a blip on the radar for not only the KCDC but also the GWRC.

Remember that if you want to bring the board’s attention to something, WCB meetings are a great opportunity. Naturally, there have to be time limits on speakers but they apply to everyone, including members. In the interests of efficiency, if a previous speaker has already made the same points as you have, try to say something that doesn’t repeat them.