Those who follow the financial markets, particularly if they are shareholders, would have shuddered at the panic sell-off following the lockdown announcements in March, but the bottom seems to have been hit fairly quickly and most shares have begun recovering, in some cases to about where they were a year ago.

Two exceptions are ANZ and Westpac banks, but both are predominately Australian and not NZ companies.

The whole board is on this NZX webpage.  Below are some sample one-year charts.

Air NZ share price

Auckland Airport share

ANZ share chart

Burger share price

Fletcher share price

Restaurant Brands

Restaurant Brands

Ryman shares

Warehouse share chart


The NZD was also sold off against the USD, slowly from the end of January and rapidly with the lockdown, but has likewise begun a slow recovery.  It actually gained against the AUD, but that exchange rate has returned to about the normal.