The comments were made on TV1 this morning.

Responding to them, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says:

“Marama Davidson is asking New Zealanders struggling to pay higher income taxes, fuel taxes, rubbish taxes, and tobacco taxes, to accept all this with a warm feeling of affection. That’s not just delusional, it’s offensive.”

“Frankly this is a grotesque, masochistic, Orwellian distortion of language. The Green Party should be ashamed.”

“Tax punishes productive New Zealanders and takes food off the table. For those who have recently lost their jobs, tax paid is the difference between meeting mortgage payments and losing the house. And then, come election time, politicians fritter away our hard-earned taxes on political bribes to serve their own re-election chances.”

On that basis, Kapiti people have had plenty of ‘loving’ from the KCDC, particularly since the end of 2007. Who have been the main beneficiaries of the ‘loving’?  The biggest have been super rich Auckland law firms, various other consultants and contractors, and the executives in the ‘Kapiti Kremlin’. —Eds