by Carol Sawyer

This whole interview with Douglas Murray from a week ago is fascinating. It is over an hour long, though. so for the time-challenged please, please listen to Douglas’ amazing four-minute rant, from 57:00 to 1:01:00, on what a time bomb the whole BLM movement is.

As he says, it might work this year, it might work next year but eventually it will be fought against by the majority and, as he says, “Turns out it wasn’t wanted. How do you unknit that without going to hell?” The same argument he uses here applies to the Maori separatist/sovereignty movement in NZ, in my opinion anyway.

About Douglas Murray:

Douglas Murray is an author and journalist based in Britain.

His latest book The Madness of Crowds was a bestseller and ‘book of the year’ for The Times and The Sunday Times.

His previous book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, was published by Bloomsbury in May 2017. It spent almost 20 weeks on The Sunday Times bestseller list and was a Number One bestseller in non-fiction. It has subsequently been published in more than 20 languages worldwide and has been read and cited by politicians around the world. The Evening Standard described it as “By far the most compelling political book of the year.”