Groan. During a special visit to the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch (wearing her hijab, of course) today, Dear Leader once again said she wants to attack one of the fundamental freedoms in a democracy.

Although some of her supporters read our site, it doesn’t seem that she does or she will have seen the repeated message from all of our editors — Geoffrey, Eva and Roger — that it’s a very bad idea.

Her crony Justice Minister, Andrew Little, stated this intention last year, and it seems that limiting one of the specific provisions in the Bill of Rights Act further than how it is limited with existing laws and take the country further towards not just Authoritarianism (which we are already along the road to anyway), but Totalitarianism is fine by her.

According to this report on the Newshub website:

Labour had promised change this term but failed, but on Thursday renewed its pledge to make it happen.

“We haven’t been able to deliver that last term but my intention would be, if we’re able to form Government, that we would… Religion hasn’t been included in that, my view is that does need to change and that would be our plan if we were privileged enough to form Government again”

Labour is hoping to govern alone and knock out the New Zealand First hurdle.

It’s good that Winston of NZ First opposes this, as do National and Act.

To repeat what has been stated on here before, there are several dodgy religions in the world, and dodgy extreme sects within Islam, such as Wahabists and Salifists which have been responsible for most of the terrorism. If their frankly unacceptable beliefs were given legal protection they would be certain to make full use of it against their critics.

But Dear Leader’s grasp of how things work in the real world is clearly deficient.

And as for her beloved virtue signaling in her hijab, there is a good criticism of that by a Muslim on the Stuff website here.