Kapiti Improvement Society [KIS] has been advised by the Ombudsman’s Office that the Chief Ombudsman considers the matters raised so serious that Mr Boshier himself will be carrying out the investigation. The Chief Ombudsman only carries out the most serious of issues the Office receives. 

Investigation of official information complaint
Request to Kāpiti Coast District Council for information about Gateway project

I write on behalf of Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier, on your complaint about Kāpiti Coast District Council’s decision on your official information request. Mr Boshier is investigating your complaint.

I have today written to the Chief Executive of the Council to commence the investigation. I have asked for the relevant information and the reasons for the decision.

We will keep you updated on the investigation.

Please feel free to contact me

Michael Cleary

 michael.cleary@ombudsman.parliament.nz or 04 460 9709 if you want to discuss any of the above.