Clarification from Bruce Moon

Who is Maori?

To the profound question of  “Who is a Maori”, the official definition, as far as I can make out, is “anybody who feels like a Maori”.  Apart from anything else, to define something in terms of itself is a piece of logical nonsense, a fake definition and it is surely somewhat of a sobering thought that many millions of dollars of our money have been and will be dished out by a succession of governments on the basis of a fake definition.  (You may laugh or cry at that — your choice!)

Only one Treaty

Some people refer to “the Maori version of the Treaty of Waitangi”.  Well, no, in actual fact there is no “Maori version”, simply one Treaty of Waitangi and that is in the Ngapuhi dialect, modified of necessity by the inclusion of some important missionary-defined words owing to the total lack in the said dialect — or any other of the many dialects spoken by various Maori tribes of words to express the concepts which it was necessary to state.

In particular, one of these (a pair to be more exact) was “tino rangatiratanga”, with capitalization by said author who must have felt that was necessary to emphasise its importance!  Now we do not need at all to accept his/her suggestion to “start a conversation about what Tino Rangatiratanga might mean now instead of patronising attempts to use Māori language to continue denying it”, because it simply meant in 1840 “full possession” of property guaranteed to “tangata katoa o Nu Tirani” that is “all the people of New Zealand”, in an article which was actually redundant, because Article third guaranteed it to all Maoris and existing British subjects had that right already.

Treaty twisting and the Waitangi Tribunal

Moreover, the Treaty fell out of use shortly afterwards, until revived by our modern treaty-twisters with an entirely new alleged meaning to suit their political game-playing.

Then we get the suggestion “Maybe we should adopt not just a language but a way of thinking that’s indigenous to this country”. If this means the sort of manipulation of language and history practised by the corrupt Waitangi Tribunal, then just imagine the pigsty in which we should all land if we took it seriously.  If we don’t call a halt to all the treaty-twisting and maorification of everything very soon, we shall need more than one Hercules to clean out the stables and everything else around us.