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The COVID tests are totally bogus.  The “cases” are bought and paid for by
people who have unlimited funds, and still want more.

The Best Pandemic Money Can Buy

September 2, 2020

By Frank B. (henrymakow.com)

At the beginning of this medical psy-op,Dr. Anthony Fauci told the world that millions could die in the US of COVID-19, which of course didn’t happen. Yet, the media worldwide is still reacting like it did.

jensen8.pngMinnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen revealed that doctors in the USwere being instructed by the CDC and National Vital Statistics to writecause of death on death certificates as COVID-19, even in some caseswhen no testing had been done. He also said that doctors were paidan additional $7000 for diagnosing COVID-19, and a whopping $39,000if a ventilator was used, 3X the normal amount without COVID-19.Dr. Jensen is no longer under investigation for speaking out.

Over and…

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