22 months ago Waikanae Town Centre lost its Heart when Waikanae Library was suddenly closed due to the discovery of toxic mould.

A newly landscaped Mahara Place, designed with a Library Plaza opening out from a redesigned Waikanae Library entrance, was conceived in 2018 and opened in October 2019 at a cost of over $1 million. 

In December 2018 the library closed and Mahara Place experienced a 50% drop in patronage.  Residents experiencing social isolation no longer had a Community Hub; those who could not afford modern technology no longer had access to a suite of computers; our Information Centre disappeared; a smaller pop-up library can only provide a fraction of the resources and community activities that were available at the old library. Waikanae needs its Community Hub back to provide all this and more to reflect the needs of our modern society and revitalise the town centre.

Please support our passionate group of Waikanae residents by signing this online petition to urge KCDC to rebuild our library as a Community Hub as quickly as possible by prioritising it in the upcoming Long Term Plan. 

Let’s make this happen for the benefit of all our Waikanae residents, young and old!

Sue Lusk’s petition has 376 signatures so far, sign it here