from the BFD

There are some universal truths and people on both the left and the right know them to be true. The looming threat of hate speech laws is not only upsetting those on the right, against whom they are most likely to be weaponised, but also scaring those on the left who can see clearly where it all will lead.

What Labour are trying to implement here are Blasphemy and Heresy laws

But put that to one side, how on earth is Gender Identity hate speech laws a response to a white supremacist terror attack?

By including Gender Identity as hate speech, you open up the possibility of people being criminalised for misusing someones pronoun. Now, I consider it basic courtesy to respect an individuals mana and address them as they wish to be addressed, but do I think someone should be sent to prison if they don’t recognise that?

Is that the type of State power you want? To criminalise people who misuse pronouns? How the f**k is that keeping us safe from white supremacist terror attacks? –Martyn Bradbury, The Daily Blog

Conservatives know that Ardern’s so-called hate speech laws will 100% be used as de facto blasphemy laws. They also know that they will be used to intimidate and silence conservatives by painting huge targets on their back for the crime of expressing an opinion in a tweet or Facebook post.

In the UK little old ladies have been hauled into police stations for simply liking a tweet and other people have had their employment threatened for simply posting a non-PC joke. We also can not forget the Scottish comedian who was dragged through court for training his girlfriend’s pug to do a Hitler salute as a prank.

We already know what a dark path these laws will take us down as we are only a few years behind the UK and we can see that it leads nowhere good.

People just love dobbing in other people to the police. Anyone who thought that might not be true for New Zealand had their eyes opened during the lockdowns when self-righteous snitches overwhelmed the police Snitch hotline.

Those supporting these frightening fascist laws would do well to take on board a famous quote from the Game of Thrones character Tyrian Lannister.

When you tear out a man’s tongue you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.