We didn’t mention this before Christmas, wanting to encourage support for local business instead, but with the pre-Xmas period over, firebox.com specialises in odd merchandise that you may not find anywhere else.


For Jacinda supporters — a Covid-19 soft toy. After all you should be grateful — if it was not for the Coronavirus flap and the opportunity for long appearances by Dear Leader on TV every day because of it, she may not have been re-elected. This can sit on your desk, and whenever a supporter of another political leader says something in opposition to her, instead of launching into a tirade at them, use this as a squeeze ball for stress relief…

For Jacinda opponents — wherever a Jacinda supporter gets stroppy, or gets too close to you, give him/her a zap with this extendable (up to 6ft) zapper while proclaiming, “You’re not keeping socially distant! Obey your leader! Put your mask back on!”