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The owner of 80-year-old cheese brand Coon has explained the meaning behind the company’s new name, after racism claims sparked a rethink.

Lino A Saputo, the Chair and CEO of Saputo Inc, the Canadian dairy company that owns Coon Cheese said it was a “challenging” decision because Coon was such a well known brand in Australia.

“Although we’ve only owned it since 2015 it was important for us to understand that name did not please other consumers,” Mr Saputo told Sunrise on Wednesday.

He said the name being disliked by some created a “competition that was not favourable” and led them to “embark on a journey of changing the name”.

Responding to criticism the company was named after a cheese processor named Edward William Coon, and therefore shouldn’t change its name, Mr Saputo said some of the company’s consumers were “activists”.

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It’s fairly clear from the above straw poll with 48,000 responses that consumers are actually unimpressed with this change, with 84% effectively saying, “Stuff the PC Brigade.”

You can’t help wonder what the PC Brigade will demand next.  Will white bread have to be renamed “Caucasian bread”?  (Presumably brown bread and black bread are OK).  Maybe white milk will have to become “pan-ethnic milk”?  Chocolate and coffee milk should be acceptable. —Eds