by Geoffrey Churchman

This past week Eva and I decided to make a therapeutic escape from the crazy world we live in now and experience the good old days in the wop-wops amid native forest away from Wifi and cellphones.

For that you can choose a spot off the Forgotten World Highway as it is known, which officially links Stratford with Taumarunui as Highway 43 and much of it passes through sparsely populated hill country. Those areas closer to civilisation are covered with farms, but there is a lengthy stretch which looks as it always has with dense native bush.

This pic was taken from the road in the Tangarakau River Gorge where the road is still essentially one lane and covered with gravel. The cliffs are impressively steep.

The thought occurred that this would be a good area for a ‘Quarantine Camp’ where the Jacinda government can send those it deems to have committed Thought Crime for re-education in Cultural Marxism and Wokeness (we shouldn’t call it Conversion Therapy!) We actually noticed a Make Ardern Go Away sign on the roadside — surprisingly, given the above story, no-one has apparently called the Police over it.