This was received as a paper mail last week and has been discussed by a small group of us. There are several points:

  • The person referred to by the author(s) sounds like one of the many short term contractors Mr Maxwell has. It seems unlikely that he would invite her back for a brief period before Christmas if he had bullied her out, or that she would want to come back if that was the case.
  • We know that KCDC under Mr Maxwell has a high staff turnover, about twice the Local Government average. This was commented on during the 2019 election campaign.
  • We also know top-down management is a feature of Mr Maxwell’s organisation; this was likewise commented on during the last election campaign.
  • An extract from the website on the subject of workplace bullying and harassment is below. If Mr Maxwell does not follow these requirements, then it would be grounds for a Personal Grievance.
  • There are Law Firms that specialise in the Employment Relations Act including Personal Grievances — an example
  • We know that the MartinJenkins report was heavily santitized before Councillors and the public got to see it — this was the reason Mr Maxwell wanted his both his in-house lawyer Mr Power and Simpson Grierson to review it first.
  • It is up to the electors of Kapiti to vote in good Councillors next year who will take their obligations seriously and do something about this. There were 3 good Councillor candidates in 2019 we endorsed who were elected (Gwynn Compton, Martin Halliday and Bernie Randall), but there were also others we endorsed who weren’t. We need at least 3 more good Councillors to form a majority and ideally Gwynn Compton as mayor.

We have asked Mr Maxwell to comment on the above letter, but he has failed to do so. We have also asked him to provide the number of Personal Grievances he has been presented since he became CEO in December 2017 as an Official Information request. He has 20 working days to comply with the law or we go (once more) to the Ombudsman.