Councillor Iona Pannett (left) was concerned at the invitation to speak. Councillor Tamatha Paul (right) who holds the council’s climate change portfolio, said that shutting him off would establish a dangerous precedent.

The council will be discussing what feedback they want to give to the Climate Change Commission on how to get New Zealand to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Professor Michael Kelly, former Prince Philip Professor of Technology at Cambridge University, has been asked by councillor Sean Rush to speak during the public engagement section of the meeting

In the past, Kelly has been a chief scientific adviser to the UK government and is also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of New Zealand.

But it’s his position as a trustee to the Global Warming Policy Foundation has raised eyebrows. The think-tank, created by Lord Nigel Lawson, has been described as the UK’s most high-profile climate denier group by The Centre for Media and Democracy.

The professor has also appeared on a climate-sceptic blog which has argued sceptics were being gagged in a similar way to Galileo.

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As has been said on here several times, there are effectively two separate issues, which have inappropriately been fused into one: 

(1)  General air pollution from the emission of poisonous gases and particles like soot;

(2)  The belief that atmospheric emissions, Carbon Dioxide in particular, are responsible for climate change (the term ‘global warming’ now seems to have fallen out of favour).  This belief has acquired quasi religious status, and has seen considerable deliberate data manipulation to back it, apparently to suit the UN’s Agenda 21 which has dubious motivation.

Many like ourselves who are keen to see a reduction in emissions because of (1) have big doubts about (2), pointing out that the more particulate matter in the atmosphere, the lower temperatures should get, and thus the claim that sea levels will rise is poppycock, to quote the late botanist David Bellamy.

There will be more posts on WW about this. —Eds