This is the final article in Ian Bradford’s series on the climate change movement and the realities.

Recommendations which will be self-defeating

By Ian Bradford

The Climate Change Commission (CCC) has released its draft report. It’s a plan for New Zealanders to reduce emissions of CO2. Here’s just a very few of their recommendations.

  1. Reshape cites with an emphasis on public transport
  2. Ban on import of light petrol and diesel vehicles (It costs between 7 and 8 thousand dollars to replace a battery in a small electric car, and $35,000 for a Lexus.) Oh, and there’s the installation charge too.  
  3. At least 60% renewable energy by 2035. (That’s wind, mirror farms, solar, etc, which are a disaster).
  4. Ban all coal generation. No more gas for stoves or heating.
  5. Cull sheep and beef numbers by 15% by 2030
  6. No natural gas connections — so no barbecues.  

This is only a brief sample. 

The government says it will carry out the recommendations. Remember this is all for nothing. None of these will stop any climate change, because change is due to natural processes.  

The aim of the CCC is to achieve zero emissions by 2050. They don’t seem to realise that CO2 levels have been trending downwards for the last 140 million years. 

Until we humans put more CO2 into the air recently, the trend was getting very close to the danger value of 150 parts per million. Below this value most plants die and if they do, we humans die too. So the seemingly ignorant CCC wants to restore the trend down and possibly kill us all in the end.  

What needs to happen

To stop this fiasco by our government we all need to write to James Shaw and the PM. 

The government needs to 

  • withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement 
  • stop the emissions trading scheme 
  • abolish the CCC 
  • stop any tax on so called carbon (really carbon dioxide). 

In the meantime let’s enjoy the warmth. The reality is that we are long overdue for another ice age. That really will be disastrous.


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