by Geoffrey Churchman

The two-storey building, named Takiri II, is a mirror image of the existing Takiri I, which opened in May 2017 and both are named after the late Takiri Love, an original Coastlands shareholder.

Takiri II has a ground footprint of about 400 sq metres and has about 800 sq metres of lettable space.

The 420 sq metre top floor is fully let to the council, like the top floor of Takiri I.

Richard Mansell of Coastlands tells us, “KCDC lease the top floor of the new building. According to the property person with whom I negotiated the rent for the property, the premises they shifted out of and our one were very similar. The change to us was because of the quality of the new building and the desire to create a campus type environment.”

We’ve heard a tongue-in-check comment that the council should build a walkway between Takiri II and the KCDC headquarters directly opposite on Rimu Road, called ‘The Bridge of Sighs’. 🙂