Lee Williams was until a couple of days ago an employee of dairy company Synlait in Christchurch. He also has a YouTube channel called Cross The Rubicon on which he has been a trenchant critic of PM Jacinda, and what can best be described as the Treaty Industry. His rhetoric is ‘out there’, but as long as he criticizes those running the show for their methods / intentions and does not make derogatory comments about people’s ancestry and/or skin colour, which he says he has not — he opposes the government’s goal of separatism and apartheid — then he should be entitled to do so.

Maori Party MP Debbie Ngawera-Packer thinks otherwise and went after him, alleging (as is usual) that Lee Williams is a ‘white supremacist,’ ‘racist’ etc. — this article appeared in the legacy media last Friday.

A friend of his, Michael Allen, organized an online fundraiser as Lee Williams has now been fired from Synlait and has engaged a lawyer to start a wrongful dismissal case. He has also decided to relocate back to England, but vows to keep fighting against separatism and racism from there.

Ngawera-Packer in 2015. She has since made her skin look browner and added a moko/chin tattoo. (Stuff photo)


A ‘cancel culturist’ got the GoFundMe account closed (see below) — those wanting to donate should send it to– Mr L M Williams Westpac Everyday 03-1553-0025915-000