In a media release last Friday, KCDC Deputy Chief Executive Mr Mallon stated that “we have been able to negotiate a one-year goodwill agreement with Composting New Zealand to keep the Green-Waste facility operating.”

He added: “Under the agreement Composting New Zealand will determine new operating hours which will take effect on 1 August 2021.

The proposal to close the recycling service at the site remains due to the costs associated with providing the service. We believe that spend could be better used in providing other services, facilities and projects in the district.

“Once the Long-term Plan is adopted on 24 June residents will have the option of taking their recycling to the nearby Otaihanga transfer station from 1 August.”

The real reason why the Management has been so keen to close to close this area is believed by our editors to be a secret deal by them with Summerset Retirement Villages to sell them the driveway that leads to another part of their intended large development (see this post).

It may not necessarily go the Management’s way, however, as 5 councilors are opposed to the closure and 4 have co-signed a Notice of Motion to that effect. It only needs one defector from the Management-siding councilors for that vote to succeed.

Thursday’s Agenda can be viewed on the KCDC website here