by Geoffrey Churchman

The climate is changing, faster than we thought – and humans have caused it. Last night, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the most comprehensive report on climate change ever – with hundreds of scientists taking part.” –from the Radio NZ webpage today

There was a time when like most people I believed this, but after the spectacular failure of the doomsday predictions made by Al Gore in his infamous An Inconvienient Truth science fiction (but presented as fact) movie from 2006 to eventuate, I began to have doubts. And the more counter-information and data I read from reliable scientists who had been silenced by the powerful Globalists, the more doubts I had, to the point where I am now sure it’s a gigantic hoax.

To be clear, climate change is real, but it’s part of a natural process that has occured for milennia and people have had almost nothing to do with what we’re experiencing — except, in fact, to mitigate any global warming: the more particulate matter there is in the atmosphere, the lower temperatures should get. That has been well demonstrated by big volcanic eruptions over the centuries.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t toxic compounds in what gets emitted from petrol and diesel engined vehicle exhausts and from fossil fuel-fed electric power stations, as there are — and the more that these emissions can be reduced the better.

But there’s clearly a political Agenda involved in all the UN-organised alarmist disinformation, and not a good one.

A little earlier this year we ran a series of well-researched articles by Ian Bradford analysing and refuting the various allegations. We’ll turn this series into a free e-book shortly for readers to share widely.