The Medsafe website maintains a weekly record of what is reported to it here. There is a delay in the figures being posted, however, of 2-3 weeks.

For the working week 21-24 July: “There were 559 non-serious and 13 serious reports this week. Sadly, one of these serious reports reported on a death.”

In contrast to the way they itched to announce alleged deaths from the virus last year, the Legacy Media have carefully avoided mention of any adverse events from the Pfizer experimental ‘vaccine’ substance, except for mention a while ago of an overseas report that one of the other ‘vaccines’ has been linked to blood clots.

An extract from this webpage:

Thus up to 24 July they are admitting that there were 20 death reports, but naturally downplay these as can be seen above. Given that at least some of the alleged 26 Cv deaths last year could also be described as above, then there has been little if any net benefit from the obsession with this substance.

How many adverse events are actually reported to Medsafe out of the total that occur is an open question.