A reader sent us this and our reaction was one of skepticism. If true, it would put her well into the top 1% category (a requirement of $US 2.8 million or $NZ 3.9 million in NZ’s case), but it’s not at all obvious where that would have come from. An opposition MP’s salary for 9 years would have given her $160,000 x 9 = $1.44 million and the last 4 years as PM would have given her another $2 million. About a quarter would have gone in tax so that’s a net of about $2.55 million or $US 1.8 million. She was a senior policy adviser in an 80-person policy unit of British prime minister Tony Blair for a time, but that position wouldn’t have been worth more than what a NZ MP gets and would have evaporated in living costs over the years.

Her father is still alive so the alleged difference is unlikely to have been inheritance. So, what else is there? A Lotto win? She just doesn’t have the nous to make anything from a business; she’s good at business wrecking, not business building.

Payments from women’s magazines for their cover articles on her would have been significant, but not that significant.

Have there been “contributions” from her mega-rich friends like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Hillary Clinton and George Soros?