from the BFD

There can be no doubt now that the Prime Minister’s incredibly wasteful and expensive lockdown of Auckland has failed. Even Blind Freddy knew it was never going to work. But it seems the Prime Minister gets her advice from children’s stories and believes she is The Little Engine That Could.

She thinks if she says, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,” over and over and over again then she will do what no other country in the world has done: that is, beat a virus.

It really is that childish. Unlike The Little Engine That Could, she can’t.

Now she is going full retard and describing the virus as “hunting down the un-vaccinated”. She is echoing the divisive rhetoric from the US and the UK. She is turning people against each other and it is all based on the lie that you are protected from the really ‘tricky’ virus if you are jabbed with an experimental therapy. But to resort to trying to create the imagery of a predator sneaking around suburbs “hunting down” the unvaccinated is pathetic and churlish.

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