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Causing yet more confusion, the media is now claiming that “double jabbed” Brits suffering from bad colds are actually infected with Covid-19.

Wait, what?

One of the biggest newspapers in Britain, the Daily Mirror, is now reporting, “Brits suffering from miserable colds could actually be enduring breakthrough cases of Covid-19 without realising, potentially allowing the virus to continue to spread.”

Apparently, people who are reporting suffering the “worst cold ever” are not struggling due to immunity being lowered as a result of social distancing and mask wearing, but because they are actually infected with Covid.

The report cites Professor Tim Spector, lead scientist on the ZOE Covid study app, who claims that not enough people are wearing masks.

“If we don’t wake up to the fact these cold-like symptoms could be Covid, we will continue to keep numbers high,” he claimed, apparently upset that Brits have not yet been plunged into yet another lockdown.

The report is bewildering because for one it equates the symptoms of a common cold with Cv. When “conspiracy theorists” say Cv is just the flu, they are vilified, but apparently it’s fine for the media and government experts to make the comparison.

Secondly, if true, the report yet again underscores that those who are “double jabbed” are still being infected with Covid and suffering debilitating illness, rendering the jab virtually useless. [That’s now been well established —Eds]

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