Of course it would have to go through proper trials and long term evaluation, even if that hasn’t happened with the other so-called ‘vaccines.’

Says Ross Muir: “This sounds very good — but governments had to sign up for guaranteed supplies of Pfizer etc. ‘vaccines’ before they would release them, so we are all committed to billions of dollars whether they take them or not — NZ Taxpayers pay Pfizer, big time.

“Since the governments don’t give a Stuff about the people — just give the appearance of looking as though they are trying — I can’t see them ditching the Pfizer etc ‘vaccines’ for something that may even work and cure covid. Besides, if they cured covid the Jacinda Junta in NZ would not have the smokescreen to cover He Puapua and they might even have to try the unusual, for them, idea of actually running the country properly.”