With NZ’s Legacy Media so obsequious to the Jacinda Junta that TV1/TV3 always only interview those who support the Party and wearing the obligatory face nappy (even sitting in their cars!), it’s unusual to see any criticism of the regime. They probably realise that they have to give some token coverage of parliamentary Opposition parties National and ACT, but anyone else is only to be attacked and ridiculed.

The late Peter Blake and Russell Coutts holding the America’s Cup they won in 1995 from Team Dennis Conner of San Diego.

Kiwi sailing great and America’s Cup hero Sir Russell Coutts has launched a stinging attack on the Government, accusing it of turning into a “dictatorship”.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the 59-year-old Olympic gold medallist and five-times America’s Cup winner claims Kiwis have been stripped of certain freedoms by the New Zealand government and media.

“The fact is that people are living with Covid offshore and although some people, perhaps many, rightly remain cautious, life has largely returned to normal in many places. But that is not what we are being told here in New Zealand,” Coutts said.

“The erosion of our freedom of choice, freedom of speech and the loss of precious time with family and friends and all the other negative aspects of a lockdown should be balanced against the health risk of Covid. Imagine if we had invested the 1 billion plus spent each week on lockdowns on improving our health system, education or roading (we had 8 road deaths in NZ last weekend).”

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