Medical tyranny. That is what we are currently experiencing in our nation with the vaccine mandate. While some Americans are still enjoying the freedom to choose not to get the shot for Covid, many other Americans are facing dire consequences for saying no. They must take the vaccine or lose their jobs. In addition, some in government and military service are also being told that failure to comply with the vaccine mandate will result in loss of their pension, health benefits, and even make them ineligible for unemployment.

IFA wanted to know how this authoritarian mandate was affecting intercessors and their family so we conducted a survey. We learned some startling information.

Of those who took the survey, 63% of respondents said that they personally know someone who has been forced to get the vaccine or was fired for failure to vaccinate.

Here are some examples of how this mandate is affecting IFA intercessors personally…

“My daughter was forced to have 2 vaccines so far in order to keep her job.” –James, Virginia

“My employer currently does not have a mandate, but I am being tracked and questioned about if/when I will get the jab. I am preparing to resign if further coerced.”  –Dianne, New York

“My doctor looks at me with disgust because I keep saying no to the vaccine, I have had covid!” –Shirley, Tennessee

“My son in law has until the first of the year to get vaccinated or he will be laid off without pay from AT&T.” –Susan, North Carolina

“One pastor in nearby San Jose refused to allow unvaccinated members to come to church in person.” –Amy, California

“Most casting calls now have vaccine requirements, so I don’t bother to audition.” –Rich, New York

“I might lose my job of over 29 yrs. because I refuse the vaccine” –Nancy, Pennsylvania

“I have 2 sons that are being told they have to get vaccinated.  I also have my husband being tested every week for Covid.”—Sally, North Carolina

“I am a 34-year federal employee.  Several of my federal contractor co-workers have resigned or will be resigning by the November 22 deadline… I have not been able to find a doctor who can or will write me [an exemption] because they have been threatened with losing their license to practice by some medical organization.”  –Sheila, Virginia

“My husband was given a mandate with his hospital to get vaccinated or get let go.” –Angela, Michigan

“I was placed on leave without pay for 14 days and if I do not take the vaccine, they have threatened to terminate employment.” –Hope, IFA Intercessor