by Geoffrey Churchman

A few weeks back, a British current affairs show called her a psychopath, and another widely viewed British commentator says she creeps him out. Her claim last year that she (and Bloomfield) were the sole source of truth resulted in much derision around the world.

Combined with some awful lies both last year and this, ridiculous ‘vaccine’ mandates and certificates and the 3 Waters council assets grab, it’s no wonder a rapidly growing number of people in NZ now hate her.

This article states: “We all know Jacinda is extremely weak and nervy. Apparently, at the moment, her anxiety attacks are off the radar and her tantrums become bigger by the day … delightedly rubbing her hands and smirking at the prospect of a society that marginalises some of its own citizens, to hiding reports from the public because they wouldn’t understand them (oh, we understand, Jacinda, and Winston would most certainly have understood), she has lost the public.

“Add to that how she hides from tough questions and calls off press conferences because a single heckler is asking hard questions; not to mention that ridiculous charade of her visit to Auckland last week. Ardern is in trouble.

“We all know it, with the possible exception of Ardern herself, and we also know that, before too long, Labour is going to have to do something about it.”

Her sycophantic mainstream media — particularly TV1, TV3, Stuff, Radio NZ and NZME — have deliberately developed a cult following for her, but despite that in the latest opinion poll we’ve seen she was preferred PM by only 31%, well less than the people who still support her party, 39%. Once her rating drops below 30%, her Party hierarchy know they have to replace her.

The problem for Labour is that most of her cabinet ministers are incompetent. The only ones who impress me as being competent, even though I usually disagree with them, are Davis, Hipkins and Robertson. The last is clearly the best choice as he is not so tainted by the dreadful authoritarianism that this government has imposed on everyone over a mild virus (for most people), or with He Puapua like Davis.

But how far away is the change? It all depends on the opinion polls.