from reader Chris

In October 2021 I was one of those Kiwis feeling pressured or coerced to have the Pfizer Covid vax. Previously, ‘vaccinated’ people were given a card at the time of injection including the batch number of the ‘vaccine’ injected into them. But no longer: this has stopped.

The ‘vaccination’ card that is provided now shows one’s name handwritten on the card when presented at the initial check-in desk. It is not the card shown on the Ministry of Health website, the original card that includes the batch number and more detail.

I e-mailed the Ministry of Health about this because it appears that the batch number information is now being purposefully and strategically withheld. This presumably means that people who get ‘vaccinated’ now have an additional, unnecessary risk created by the Government.  Anyone who has an adverse reaction to that batch of vaccine (due to medical error, old vaccine, bad batch, contaminated batch or whatever) not to mention a reaction specific to that person, has no means with information to hold anyone accountable. 

We are no longer enabled to at least carry a card with us holding the batch number tracing detail.  Remember the cases where people were injected with a placebo saline solution by accident back in July 2021. We have no reason to trust this change and surely we have every right to have that information, provided at the time we are injected?

The NZ Ministry of Health website says that even people with autoimmune conditions should have the ‘vaccination’, pretty much without question. There is no reference to validated studies that have been undertaken to date overseas. Any opportunity for ‘informed choice’ is withheld.

I have checked with others who received their ‘vaccinations’ between July 2021 and September 2021. They were all provided with the batch numbers of the vaccine that was injected into them at the time.

The message from Government seems to be: “We’ll inject you, in fact, we’ll force some of you to be injected… we’ll hold you to ransom with your ongoing employment, but we won’t be accountable for what we inject you with or where it came from, at the time we do so.”

Those not yet injected should be allowed to know this change and they should be entitled to make their decision based on accurate and objective information. I believed I knew the risk I was taking by being ‘vaccinated’, but I didn’t.  I had no reason to expect that the vaccine data is no longer disclosed to the individual who receives the dose. 

I have so far found only one article on this topic, written by Dr Oliver Hartwich in Wellington. He writes a very casual, somewhat upbeat piece that avoids all the implications I describe above. I sent a message to Dr. Hartwich saying that the implications of withholding of the vaccination batch numbers are shocking and indefensible, adding that I was curious to find out why he wrote about the changes to the vaccination card so lightly. I received no reply.  At present his article resides here:-
I subsequently wrote to the Ministry of Health, requesting my vaccine batch information and after some time, received the following one liner back in response;

“Unfortunately this information does not currently appear on the My Covid Record and therefore we also do not have that information. All the information you will require will appear on the certificate when it becomes available.”

Given the Ministry of Health doesn’t hold that information, then where is my vaccine batch information held? Does it exist at all? Or, will my name be allocated to some ad-hoc batch number further down the track?  Will anyone be allocated to a batch of saline solution or an out-of-date vaccine batch, or a contaminated vaccine batch?  We may never know.

Despite the Mainstream Media portrayal of those who say no to the Pfizer substance as irrational at worst or “hesitant” at best, I’m surprised that the ‘anti-vax’ movement doesn’t recognise that it is ignoring something else that is important. It is too easy for the population at large to write off the objectors: Anyone who objects to being vaccinated with mRNA is simply some form of extremist and/or an ‘irresponsible spreader.’  There is a clear and present danger of opening up the country while relying on a ‘vaccine’ that does not prevent Covid-19 being spread and caught and which, for some unfortunate people, will result in illness or even death after being ‘vaccinated.’

The constant ‘vaccination’ rhetoric coming through Mainstream news channels is setting New Zealanders up with a false sense of safety.  The vaccine is not a magic bullet and the MoH statistics are poorly compiled, with little if any reference to meaningful substantiated research data.  It seems tragic that there is no active movement in New Zealand that focuses more decisively on the additional human lives likely to be lost over our holiday period; deaths that the Government sees as acceptable collateral damage. The ‘anti-vax’ movement can’t dispute ending lockdowns and opening the borders because it seems narrowly focused on “no vax”.  Or can they?

In The AM Show TV poll on 18 November 2021, circa 60% of respondents were against the Government’s impending strategy to open up. There seems to be no voice in New Zealand for that opinion.

Yet opening up New Zealand to have spread Covid-19 more freely is perhaps the Government’s biggest failing. This will see more people die, will cause preventable illness and will see more people of all ages hospitalised if they don’t die at home.  Neither a ‘vaccine’ nor a ‘vaccine’ passport will prevent that spread, given the ‘vaccine’ does not offer full protection by any stretch of the imagination.  It will be interesting to see where New Zealand will be at when Covid-19 strains become resistant to the ‘booster shot’ strategy. Who knows where we go from there, but we’ll likely be drowning in Covid-19, or maybe Covid-20 cases.  The exhortations to get ‘vaccinated’ amount to the Government promoting a false sense of security. Concurrently, the government blocks us from information we have a right to from the time we are injected.

If the batch numbers are not being given to the people being injected, we may well wonder what the substance is. Medsafe is still acknowledging adverse events following jabbing — the report in the week to 30 October is here (“2,049 non-serious and 69 serious reports this week”) –so it’s not a placebo. —Eds